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On the 17th July, the weather was warm and sunny, the park was was beautiful and enhanced the action.The acting was first class and funny. The 18th century costumes were magnificent. There was brilliant interviewing by the Master of Ceremonies with King George 1, Handel(himself) and Robert Walpole. George’s son, George, the Prince of Wales, arrived unexpectedly in the Pamela May along with an entourage of Lady friends in a fun effort to distract his father’s ‘publicity’ event. Terrific fanfares of Handel’s music were played by a DWT member to introduce acting performances. And of course, the Wanderer community work boat dressed as Royal barge and filled with ten musicians of the Blackwell Concert band made the evening with their version of Handel’s Water music.

There was reported to be about 200 people in the audience all sitting on the grassy banks, who showed their appreciation by being quiet and leaving ‘no litter’!

George, Prince of Wales and entourage